The Westside Museum is an open to the public, uniquely interactive, exhibition space.  This remarkable mid-century, bi-level building offers a classically designed 40'long bar and a craft kitchen located on the mezzanine level which overlooks the distinctive stage setting and expansive creative space.  Westside Museum provides a remarkable dining experience paired with handcrafted cocktails and an array of wines and locally crafted beers.  Additionally, this space can be utilized as an inspiring backdrop for an assortment of community culture enhancing gatherings such as art installations, projections, movement, live entertainment, automobiles expositions, photos shoots, lectures, special events, sales meetings, product launches, etc.


The Westside Museum is established by the same creative mindset that produced the one of a kind, Boathouse Collective, which has already launched a new level of food, art, and entertainment to the industrial Westside of Costa Mesa. The Westside Museum provides the community with another unique location, further enhancing the cultural and creative needs of Costa Mesa's burgeoning Westside.


We welcome you to experience The Westside Museum!



The 12,000 sq. ft. Mid Century style building is located on the cusp of the industrial Westside of Costa Mesa which originally housed a sail manufacturer during the height of the Nautical trades that took place for decades on the Mesa bluff. The bilevel space provides a special 2,000 sq. ft. mezzanine level that runs the full length of the building offering the viewer a unique perspective of the ground floor entertainment and/or installation below. The stunning architecture and volume of the 8,000 sq. ft. main floor area delivers expansive floor and wall space, 20' lofted ceiling heights, and is enhanced by large skylights, letting in natural light and good energy. In the footsteps of the similar concept of Boathouse Collective, the Westside Museum continues the tradition of reimagining former industrial nautical buildings, creating cultural enrichment with unique gatherings while paying homage to the area's strong nautical heritage. The Westside Museum is situated on a topographical high point of the area, sandwiched by cul-de-sacs on either end of the property, providing convenient access for visiting patrons via foot, bike, automobile, along with the use valet, Uber or Lyft. The industrial Westside has a rich history in Nautical trades, creativity, and has long been home to the global action sports apparel industry's leading companies. We are proud to be continuing the spirit of growth by adding unique amenities to the thriving Westside and helping it become a significant destination for locals looking for a different experience within our great city of Costa Mesa.